>The Graduation of Jake Moon by Barbara Park

>Jake Moon’s father left before he was born, so Jake’s mother had only one option as a pregnant undergrad – she moved move back home with her father, Skelly, the only father figure Jake has ever known. Midway through elementary school, Skelly begins showing signs of Alzheimer’s. At first, Jake doesn’t really understand. He thinks his grandfather is just been silly. But as the care-giving load on Jake increases, he becomes more and more unsympathetic. He’s downright embarrassed by Skelly’s behavior. Jake thinks Skelly can help it. But he can’t.

What’s an eighth grade boy to do when his grandfather ruins every sporting event, every sleepover, and every chance at having friends? Jake’s not sure. He needs to figure out a solution before he drives himself crazy, though. This coming-of-age story shines a spotlight on the transformation that occurs when young adults are faced with situations they simply don’t understand. They react badly, even selfishly, like any of us would.


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