>Reality Check by Peter Abrahams

>Cody and Clea, high school juniors living in Colorado, are an odd couple. He lives above a bar with his father; they struggle to get by. She lives on an estate with her parents; they have more than they need. He plays football and barely scrapes by in school. She is an equestrian and straight-A student. Her first B enrages her father, who blames her relationship with Cody for the poor grade. Clea is sent to a boarding school in Vermont, far, far from Cody. Shortly after arriving at Dover Academy, Clea disappears. When Cody finds out, he heads for Vermont and inserts himself in the middle of Clea’s missing person’s case. Some view him as a suspect; others view him as a threat.

Young adult literature is not exactly brimming with readable mysteries. Abrahams (Down the Rabbit Hole) seems to be filling the niche quite nimbly. While not air-tight, like all good mystery writers, he drops crumbs along the way that allow a good reader just enough to solve the case.


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