>Best Foot Forward by Joan Bauer

>I’m a huge fan of Joan Bauer. She creates dynamic characters you can related to almost immediately. Jenna a very mature high school junior works at Gladstone’s Shoes, where she worships the store’s 73-year-old owner, Mrs. Gladstone. When Mrs. Gladstone decides to ease into retirement and hand the reigns of the company over to her son, quality goes downhill and corporate demands increase. That, coupled with Jenna’s father’s alcoholism (she called the police on him for drunk driving), Mrs. Gladstone’s hiring a teen boy who stole from the store, and the prospects of dating someone who dented her car make this a fast-paced and thoughtful story.

Mrs. Gladstone, as a mentor, follows one of the key ingredients to good young adult fiction – an adult who will listen, guide, and allow protagonists to learn from their mistakes. We should do more of this in real life.

Sorry for not posting in quite a while. I’ve read many fantastic books since my last post. I’m hoping to catch up soon. Thanks for following!!


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