>Kick by Walter Dean Myers


Kevin, an impulsive thirteen-year-old, is arrested after crashing his friend’s father’s car into a light post.  He won’t tell the responding police officer why he was driving the car, and the officer feels something’s night right.  Complicating matters, Kevin’s father was killed in the line of duty as a police officer not very long ago.  Kevin’s case is assigned to a sympathetic judge who assigns a veteran officer to get to the bottom of things.  But Kevin remains elusive.  He’s hiding something.  When his friend’s father decides to pursue charges, Kevin realizes he could wind up in juvenile hall.
While I enjoyed Kick and its alternate perspectives, I did not enjoy the writing as much as Myers’ other books.  This might be the result of his using a co-writer, Ross Workman.  It just wasn’t as crisply-written as I’ve come to expect.  I hope Myers is not going down the James Patterson road and employing co-writers for future books.  His style is so distinctive.  Nonetheless, the story is enjoyable, and I found Kevin to be a realistically-constructed teen.  Impulsive, tough, and somewhat sensitive, he learns a valuable lesson that all readers will want to share. 

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