I’m Back!

For some strange reason, my Blogger account was lost.  Kennedy’s wonderful and talented LRC Assistant, Sue Altman, sent me an email wondering where my blog had gone.  Sue is one of my loyal readers (and proof readers), so when she can’t find my blog, I know somethings very, very wrong.  When I attempted to log on, I couldn’t find my blog either.  Lost are all of the books I’ve reviewed since Heart of a Shepard.  Looks like I have some work ahead of me this summer.  The loss of my blog has actually been a good thing, though.  With greater importance placed on PARCC testing, curriculum development, and standardized testing in general, I have lost touch with why I began blogging.  I blog so I can write.  After all, I’m a writing teacher, and writing teachers should practice what they preach.  Therefore, I plan to make this blog more than just a book review site for a handful of people to read.  I would like to…actually practice what I preach.

Writing is another way of thinking; it’s a way to express one’s feelings during times of great uncertainty; it’s a means by which to work through important issues in a very public way; it’s the ultimate risk – putting thoughts to words and publishing them for all to see.  Writing is so many things that our students never actually experience because so many of them are indoctrinated to believe the five-paragraph essay is the be-all-end-all and every topic should have three supporting points, whether the third is valid or not.

From this point forward, I will attempt to recreate the book review blog entries I previously posted, but lost, on Blogger. I will also attempt to put forth my observations of education, our new environment of compassionate data gathering, and how it can all be done while preparing eighth graders for career and college readiness.  After all, aren’t 14-year-olds quite taken with their prospects for college and how ready they will be for the unknown career that awaits?


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